Balance HIC Closed on the 4th. But why?

Star Spangled Firework
What’s more important: making a decision, or letting everyone else know about it?

We all know (and hold dear to our hearts) July 4th as the day we declared our Independence. But wait… is it really? As Joseph J. Ellis writes for the Los Angeles Times, when you look back at the annals of history, it was actually two days early on July 2nd that president John Adams and our “treasonous” band of representatives declared our actual intent to become independent! So where did the 4th come from? That’s the day the Declaration was printed!

By the time the next year rolled around, the date July 4th just kinda stuck, and it’s been our Independence Day ever since.

This year, in observance of the this significant date in history, Balance will be closed so that our wonderful staff can celebrate the holidays with their friends and families. We will resume normal business operations on Wednesday, July 5th with all of our fingers and toes in tact!

Be thankful to be part of this nation of immigrants who banded together, and decided to make America these United States. And, as always, be smart, be sober, be safe.

To read the article by Mr. Ellis, go here!