Balance Nation Membership Details © 2014 Dr. Eric Strand

The time is now. The Nation is here. Are you in?

Finally! Here with great fanfare (cue the trumpets, flugelhorns, and cornets) is the Balance Nation.

Whoa now, you say. What is this fuss and muss. Something new, something for us?

The Balance Nation is here: a membership club created for those of you who want to stay well without the pocket ripping prices associated with routine medical visits. For just one, low monthly payment you can see your doctor twice each month.

Whether you have insurance or not (mandated or not), the one thing that is never covered is maintenance, or wellness care. We have created this club with you in mind.

Our goal is to provide the best medical care to keep you going and not need your insurance. We are focusing on wellness care, not sickness care. We can help you when you are down, but the primary mission of all medicine is to keep you from being down in the first place.

Balance Nation FAQ

When we treat consistently, or are providing ongoing maintenance care, it requires less time, energy, and medical expertise to manage the case, which equates to lower prices. All of the treatments we do in these cases are targeted at wellness and maintenance.

You get two visits a month (mix or match acupuncture, chiropractic, and 1/2 hour massage if available), a spectacular member rate on additional visits, as well as 10% off of merchandise, supplements, and books (does not apply to Standard Process). The choice is yours!

We are charging a lower fee, in part, based on less time and administration costs. If we have to monitor and enter payments manually we have to pay staff, which increases the cost for everyone.

Sorry, but yes. Keeping everyone on the same payment schedule means we don’t have to pay administration fees (aka paying people to do stuff) to monitor payments daily, versus only once per month.

We doubt that will be the case, but if it is, absolutely. We require just a five day notice before the next billing cycle in order to stop your payment from coming out. If for some reason you don’t give us enough time, or if the charge goes through and you feel you want to cancel, come in and sign the form and we can reverse your charge. There will be $15 account management fee applied to any returned charges.

You’ve never quit anything so easy in your life. But we’d hate to see you go! You can always come back, however, just remember that each time you join you’ll have another registration fee to contend with.

Sorry, but no. Think of this like a gym membership. Once you pay for your access it’s up to you to use it (or lose it). We aren’t able to process refunds for Balance Nation membership fees.

You sure can! Unused visits roll over and over and over until you use them or cancel your membership. As long as your account is open and in good standing they’ll be there waiting for you.

Unused rollover visits, may not be transferred. But that’s okay! As long as you are a member in good standing and you are still paying your monthly dues, your treatments roll over until you use them.

Age is just a number~ staying in Balance is what’s important. There is no minimum or maximum age to be a member, but only an adult of legal age to sign contracts can establish an account.

You can cancel your membership at any time with at least five day’s notice. Honestly, if you give us enough time before the next billing cycle we should have no problem stopping the payment from going through. If we don’t catch it in time and the computer world doesn’t keep up with our requests we will be able to refund your membership dues, minus an account maintenance fee. When you get back you can re-join the club and get back on track!

The alternative is to let it ride. With rollover in effect those treatments won’t disappear until you use them or cancel your membership. Sounds like a better plan already, doesn’t it?

The Balance Nation Membership is designed for maintenance and wellness care. An injury, such as a motor vehicle accident, requires more than this club offers. Balance can still take care of you; we will just suspend your membership until we get you back on your feet.

Nothing. There are no cookies. Dr. Strand just wanted to see if you read all of these.

Most likely, yes. It is a case by case instance. Insurance only pays for medically necessary care, while membership in the Balance Nation is more about wellness and maintenance, which insurance does not cover. For instance you could see the chiropractor to maintain your spine health while using your insurance to see the acupuncturist for your menstrual cramps.

Regardless, if you have insurance though a company that our doctors are paneled with you will need to fill out an extra form which allows us to treat you without billing them. Without this form we cannot let you join the Balance Nation.

No. While massage is a highly sought after modality, the cost of providing massage is not sustainable at Balance Nation rates. While we all love a massage, those therapists like to earn a living wage performing their craft, and our job is to make sure THEY are happy so they can continue to make YOU happy!

Each additional family member is exactly the same: $60 per person on the membership! What’s more, they get the same two visits per month as everyone else.

Depends. Some HSA accounts will allow you to pay for gym memberships, so those may qualify. It will depend on your specific HSA but most of them cover only direct medical costs.
Most likely not, but your crafty accountant may have other ideas!

Of course not. How else are we supposed to build suspense?

Membership in the Balance Nation is only $60 per month per person enrolled. There is a $25 membership fee to join (EACH TIME YOU JOIN).

Remember that this is a membership club. Membership with the Balance Nation provides access to certain amenities, kind of like a gym. We are not offering healthcare insurance. Aside from being factual we have to say this in order to keep our attorneys happy… and take care of you. Services not used while your membership is in good standing are lost and we are unable to go back in time so they can be used. You are responsible for making sure your membership dues are paid on time and your billing information is current. If for any reason your membership dues fail to post you run the risk of being kicked out of the club and have to re-register again, with all the current fees and rates!

At the end of the day we are all, each of us, human. We all need food, sleep, and companionship; tomorrow we will get up and do the day all over again. What we all look for is a bright spot on the horizon. Hopefully this club, from our heart of hearts, will be that bright spot for someone out there. Someone like you. Someone human, like us.