Around these parts we take our liniments very seriously. I have been making Die Da Jiu (literally ‘hit and fall wine’) since 2000.

Each year I take the previous year’s recipe and add or subtract herbs based on the needs of the world around me, the activities of my patients, and the martial arts training I am going through: 2004 was a particularly excellent year. Built on a strong foundation of blood moving herbs, the formula is enhanced with herbs to repair muscle, tendon, and even bone injuries.

The 2004 batch was so heavy with bone repairing herbs that in 2006, after I broke my right arm snowboarding (also known as the one I needle with!) I  went straight for the 2004 blend, skipping over the last remaining dregs of 2002 and the more potent 2000 Restore the Dragon. Within two weeks of consistent use I had a negative fracture screen.

Cache of JiuAs I was creating this year’s 2014 Restore the Dragon formula we discovered a small cache of the 2004 Jiu. Trumpets sounded, the clouds parted, and pizza arrived for everyone… trust me when I say it was magical. This stuff has been sitting in the back of a cool, dark closet for almost 8 years untouched. Once I made the ’06 batch I kind of let this one slip into obscurity.

But now it’s back. And I need space! In order to make a second vat of my 2014 formula (which I went back to ’04 with a little modification) I need to clear out this older liniment. As much as it pains me, I just can’t keep it.

As anyone who buys or uses my liniment knows, the longer it sits, the stronger it gets. That’s why once the next year is released we retire a formula and the price goes up a bit.

Sample Certificate

The good news is, I still have a few bottles of this amazing formula remaining. Each one comes with a personally signed certificate of authenticity. Due to short supply we are limiting sales at two bottles per person.

Best of health, and train responsibly.