What IS Massage?

Massage: from the French word meaning “friction of kneading”; massage is an ancient manual (hands-on) treatment of superficial and deep layers of muscle and connective tissue using a variety of techniques to enhance function, aid in the healing process, decrease muscle reflex activity (spasms), inhibit motor-neuron excitability, and promote relaxation and well-being. The type of massage used will vary depending on the condition or circumstances the client presents with, but will always take personal preference into consideration

What Makes Us Different?

Your massage will be tailored to suit your needs and to maximize your healing potential.
Available for your company or special event. Call our office for details.
We combine acupuncture, chiropractic and massage as needed to get the absolute best results attainable.

Now at Balance: Aromatherapy!

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Ancient medicine for modern times: at Balance we use the oldest, original theories and style for a variety of conditions, including pain and injury, internal disorders and disease, and the stressful effects of daily living.

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We use chiropractic medicine at Balance to restore proper physical alignment, encourage innate healing, and reduce pain, and increase immobility. Our safe and gentle adjustment style works well with all ages.

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Life Medicine

At Balance Health and Injury Clinic we offer treatment for a large variety of conditions from everyday conditions to chronic conditions. All of the treatments and services we offer are here to give your life a greater Balance.

Why Wait?

Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

No side effects. No surgeries. Just your health... Naturally!
Why Wait?


Not all massage is created equal. The style of bodywork is directly related to the personal desires, or medical needs of the person being worked on.

From the medical style [focused more on breaking up scar tissue, mobilizing joints, lymphatic drainage, and releasing locked tissues] to the stress relieving, relaxation massage [meant to soothe and help decompress], there is a technique for every condition – a benefit for every person.

In the image to the right you see an example of chair massage: usually a short, relaxation massage focused on the neck, upper back, and shoulders. Chair massage is a great way to decompress for a few minutes, and is a nice reward for yourself, or even your employees for a job well done. Balance does monthly outreach to a variety of local businesses, usually taking care of our teachers, police, and firefighters.

If all you have is a moment, just ten minutes can change your perspective on life… and the way your body deals with it. Everyone can use a massage; what’s your excuse?

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Massage FAQ

Why Wait?

All it takes is one moment. One instant in time to change a life forever.

Living in pain is only an option for so long. When you are ready to live a more Balanced life, we will be here for you.
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