Dreaming of springAnyone else having a hard time with the short days? Ever since we hit daylight savings time, I have felt more sluggish and experienced more “mood swings” than I’d care to admit. Whether you call it the winter blues or seasonal affective disorder, it’s definitely making an impact. After living in Arizona for seven years adjusting back to the Oregon winters hasn’t been easy.

Being a alternative health practitioner, I know that taking vitamin D, fish oil, getting acupuncture and regular outdoor exercise are all things that help with my symptoms, but have I consistently done any of the above? Sheepishly no.

The past week I’ve been making more of an effort to be outside. I started a new exercise class and have just cracked open a yummy bottle of chocolate chewable, 5,000mg vitamin D (have I mentioned how much I love this clinic?!?). I haven’t gone so far as to order a light therapy box yet, but after making just a few positive changes I have started to feel better. Regardless of the cold, grey and wet I’m keeping a positive outlook and reminding myself we are only two weeks away from the shortest day of the year; after this the rest is down hill. So until the sun is high and warm I’ll just day dream about springtime!

Anyone else battling the winter blues? What steps have you taken to make yourself feel better?