Yep, it’s time to update your contact lists, because our address is a changin’; finally, after nine wonderful years at our 655 NW Burnside location we are moving!

While we have enjoyed the great location just across from LA Fitness, the building owner has just let the poor place fall to pieces, and the professional feel has slipped away.

But now starts the excitement! Our NEW space is just ‘up the road a spell‘, nestled quietly between Buster’s BBQ, and TCBY… who’s up for frozen yogurt?!¬†Our new clinic address is going to be 1217 NE Burnside Road, Suite 301, Gresham, 97030.

What can I say? It’s going to be GREAT!

So what can I tell you about the new space to help get you as excited as we are? I suppose I can start with the size: we’re moving UP in the world, adding an additional 200 square feet of clinic and reception space! Not that size is all that important, but this means we’re getting one more treatment room, a HUGE reception and lobby area, and even a nice break room/laundry room. Talk about the best of all worlds.

Panther Parking Pass

Is parking going to be an issue?

Before the deal was done we’d tested out our thoughts on the space with some of our long-term patients, and the consensus was an issue with parking; there just doesn’t seem to be enough of it. With that in mind we played our cards with the building owners and they were awesome enough to reserve TEN SPACES just for you!

Although to avoid any potential issues with the tow company we had to come up with a way to determine valid Balance peeps from slackers and hackers just trying to park on our coattails. The solution? You just need a sticker! How great is that? We’ve got three to choose from, with the small one being just an inch in diameter, and the best news is they’re free. Just ask Andrea or Chris at the front desk and get your reserved parking assured!

Progress is progressing….

It’s been a SLOW process up to this point, as we started the hunt for new space in the summer of 2011. Once we settled on the location we’re moving to it took almost four months of going back and forth, working out the kinks in the details, and then finally designing the space. Trust me when I say it is going to be AWESOME!

But don’t take my word for it… take a look at some of the before, during, and after shots we’ve been taking. It is coming together rapidly now, and we should be looking to transition over sometime in the middle of January. Finger’s crossed!

This is what you would have seen walking into the front door...

... and this is what you would see walking in today!

This is GOING TO BE the "Doc Station" where we will do all of our computer work.

This is GOING to be the “Doc Station.”

... and this is what it looks like today. We did all of this work ourselves!

… and this is what it looks like today. We did this work ourselves!






















We’ll post more pictures as soon as the flooring is going in… bamboo in all but two treatment rooms. Who’s got multiple thumbs and tingling with excitement? THIS OFFICE! Check back for more updates soon. ūüôā