It’s that time again!

We had such a blast at last year’s Women & Wine event that we’re doing it again. And you know what? This time it’s going to be even bigger and better (would we do it any other way?).

Balance, wine, shopping, wine, raffle prizes, wine, music… and did someone mention wine? We’re taking advantage of the newly constructed open bay center of Balance and FILLING IT with things to see, do, and enjoy (except for Channing Tatum… we tried).

If a woman drops a hint and there isn’t a man around to hear it, is he still responsible for the end result?

Absolutely! That’s why this time around we’re inviting the boys to come along. What good is having access to all the kick-ass vendors and supporters of Women and Wine if you can’t let slip the occasional “I’d love those for Mother’s Day“? And with the ever growing list of participants you are definitely going to want to bring someone to pick up all of those hints!

We’re still looking for a wine maker to come and dole out their pristine grapes in liquid form, but never fear. If push comes to shove we’ll go out and pick our own (previously mashed, fermented, and bottled) grapes and provide the bodies and glasses to enjoy them!

There are two HUGE raffle prizes given away at the end of the evening (aptly named Naughty and Nice) with a number of ways to get entries. One of the first, and easiest ways is to go to the event page on Facebook and click that you are “Going”.

I'm IN!

I’m in!


Wondering who’s on tap tonight?

With more to come! If you know of someone who would love to be part of this fun-filled evening, please drop us a line!