Four Hands - Two Minds

Four Hands – Two Minds

Why are we better than most? Because of our general philosophy of integration and synergy. We take advantage of the simple truth that the sum is greater than its parts.

Oriental medicine, including bone setting, herbs, and acupuncture – a medical tool box with archaeological roots back to 9,000 BCE; and Chiropractic, which is easily traced back to the days of the ancient Egyptians. These are the modalities we bring to your table.

Many clinics claim to be integrative health clinics, but in reality fall short of the entire point of the intended meaning.  It’s one thing to have a myriad of practice modalities all working in the same clinic; a nice benefit for anyone seeking medical attention to be sure. And, while a person can be referred in-house  to other practitioners, they may benefit from the multiple layers of treatment, but there is a crucial piece missing, even with this practice of “integration.”

When we integrate at our clinic, we do so during the same visit, in the same room, at the same timeWe define integration as Four Hands – Two Minds working on you within the same heartbeat.

Using acupuncture to primarily deal with energy pathways and meridians, balancing the body, removing stagnation, softening muscles, and promoting healing in conjunction with chiropractic to correct body alignment, musculoskeltal disorders, joint dysfunction, and promote a healthy nervous system, we are able to kick your body’s natural ability to heal into hyper drive. We find that having multiple providers working together increases not only communication regarding your health care and healing, but establishes a synergistic affect.

Heal faster. Stay healthy longer. Live life more Balanced. Integrative care… yeah- we’ve got that.