Do you know what we spend most of our time doing as medical providers? You’d think it would be something glamorous, like treating patients. But not in today’s world of the nickle-and-dime insurance game.

Instead, we use our well-trained, medical minds to fight with insurance companies for payment of services for people who are not sick or injured, but are instead alive and well trying not to get sick! Really? You would think the insurance industry would rather spend money keeping people healthy versus millions of dollars repairing the damage of a life spent living.

But what do we know… we’re just doctors.

Here’s just a brief run down of the things they don’t teach us in med school:

  • Insurance companies don’t pay for wellness care
  • They don’t pay to maintain your health once you have it, either
  • All insurance companies set their own reimbursement rates
  • Each year you spend in practice you will have to raise your rates to cover what insurance companies require you to write off (passing those costs on to everyone else)
  • 30% of your time will be spent dealing with insurance related red tape


There IS a silver lining

Announcing the advent of the Balance Nation!

What is the Balance Nation, you ask? It’s a membership club for people like you who want to be well and stay well. For people too busy to get sick in the first place and the marathon runner looking to catch the edge. Does this mean we can’t help you with your oh-so-infrequent headaches? Not at all. Stuff like that is still just wellness care.

To show you just how serious we are about this membership, here’s a glimpse at the inside of our brochure (due to arrive this week!).

BN Details

We’re incredibly excited about this new feature, and have already been inundated with requests for membership… we don’t even start until March 1st but already have enrolled a handful of members. This is obviously something people want and need. We are just happy to be a part of it.

For more information of the reading variety click here and you’ll be redirected to our Balance Nation information page. We look forward to seeing you all in the near future.

The Nation is here. The time is now. The Balance Nation… are you in?